The Courthouse Hotel – Newtown. Floored; ‘service’.

Had a seriously shitty experience at the Courty in Newtown last night! It’s back on – seems they hire just enough twats to keep the balance in order; staff first, regulars last.

Bought the third of three or four jugs we shared last night, and when my mate Big B was pouring the third glass, out comes a piece of rubbish from the jug. So I took it back, and said to the fella who’d served me, in a perfectly jovial way, ‘You owe me a jug!’ and showed him the rubbish.

As I handed him the jug, with the remaining beer in it (about half a glass) I showed him the piece of rubbish, which he tried to take from me (I kept it). He then accused me of planting the rubbish, saying ‘I don’t buy it’ and said ‘you have a reputation’. I’m pretty sure I’ve never met this guy before.



A documentary about the Courty, back when the staff had character.

THE PUB – a documentary by Scribla

‘Dude, I’ve been in here twice in the past four years, and that’s the third jug we’ve bought tonight. All I’m asking is for a replacement.’

‘I’ll give you two schooners for it. But I don’t by it.’ ( he then poured me one, and said ‘that’s all your going to get’).

‘Dude, come to the table if you like and ask my mates, who saw it, or the old couple at the table right next to us, who saw it come out as well.’

‘So now you’re telling me how to do my job?’

After speaking to his manager, he relented and gave us two schooners – two thirds of the jug he’d poured for us with rubbish in it. His manager was surly as well.

All this over $10 (or less) worth of beer, which they’d provided with a piece of rubbish in it. They never came to the table.

A while later my mate went in, bought another, and told them it was him who’d poured it when the rubbish came out. The staff member’s words – ‘I still don’t buy it’.

Later, after my mate had left, I lined up and bought one last beer; served by a young lady. As I did so, he whispered in her ear, something to the effect of warning her I’m trouble or something.

She immediately became unfriendly, and didn’t say thanks or anything as paid for the beer with a twenty.

So once again, the staff at the Courty have decided to put themselves first.

The older English couple were amazed. And as security announced it was time to go, without any ‘last drinks’, and they physically started pushing people out, it was amazing how many punters were shaking their heads; people from the US, the UK, and no doubt elsewhere.

What a shitty experience. That’s one group of staff I hope enjoy their much deserved pay cut.


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