Charlie Pickering mocks gambling agencies, appears at one for paid gig


I get distracted easily by dudes in suits who say one thing but leave their values, or implied views, at the door when money’s involved.

Charlie Pickering is the ‘Creative Ambassador’ of Spectrum Now festival, sponsored by ANZ (who have good marketing people), and which used, in Charlie’s case, The Star Sydney (a casino, who don’t have good marketing people) as a venue.
He reports issues which cause harm at human expense, like in his presentation in July 2015 criticising the gambling industry, quoting the University of Sydney’s Gambling Treatment clinic’s revelation that ‘the number of young people asking them for help had doubled in three years’. But then he appears in a Casino, as the no-doubt well-paid ambassador of an event which uses the word ‘creative’ in their marketing material no less than sixty-three million times. Per page. (joke)
I personally find this hypocrisy disappointing, especially considering the misery The Star (and other ‘gambling agencies’, Charlie’s term) cause many tens of thousands of Australians every year.


Not only that, but it’s at the centre of an argument at the moment questioning dubious lockout laws which act to the detriment of hundreds of truly creative businesses in Sydney, and their thousands of creative staff (musicians, artists, performers, etc) who are now going broke thanks to what many believe are back-room conversations held between wealthy men with too much power and too little ‘creativity’. There’s that word again.
While there’s no crime in appearing at a venue largely derided by tens of thousands of people you claim (by implication) to represent (by telling their stories, concerns on the ‘news’), and there’s no crime in accepting a no-doubt hefty appearance fee in compensation for having to enter NSW’s least-classy and most-violent venue, I do think it’s pretty poor form, and very much lacking in creativity, to do so. Especially when people are literally dying due to the industry’s business, that being gambling-assisted suicide, and other people who actually stand by their values are out the front partying for the good of humanity.
I call on Charlie Pickering in this case to apologise for supporting The Star Sydney with his presence, to re-assert his support of anti-gambling agencies, and opposition to the gambling industry in Australia.
Charlie? Your call bro’.


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