We live in a racist country, people…and SMH is playing right along :


I’ve been doing research into racism on Facebook – particularly a group of sites previously known as ‘Aboriginal Memes’, which seems to have evolved into ‘NRL Memes + Humour’, a page which mostly targets teams with predominantly ethnic players – especially the Rabbitohs.

So imagine my dismay when I see the same sort of thing appearing on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. I have no doubt that the editor, whose job it is to create the headline, would be aware of the ‘Memes’ sites, and therefor should absolutely be able to write headlines which don’t resemble the awful material the former puts forward.

Instead, we see a headline which could easily fit into their pages – subtly suggesting Rabbitohs players are more likely to be criminals because they’re black.

We live in a racist country, people, and the media plays right along with it.

Disgusting and shameful, I say. The writer and particularly the editorial team should be fired on the spot.



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