Australia Day…


We have a Prime Minister who believes, in 2015, that the pampered husband of a pampered monarch deserves to be recognised for his services to our nation, which include asking an Indigenous man if ‘you people still carry spears’.

He believes that coal is the way of the future, women belong at or near an ironing board, that $60,000 scholarships should be kept secret, we should go to war in Iraq AGAIN.

He believes that CSG mining is acceptable, Medicare is not, trips to the doctor should be paid for, and that if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you just need to suck it up and get on with being a slave to corporate machinations that rule your life.

This man believes in a vengeful God. He doesn’t believe in science. He believes that religious instruction should be part of every day school life. But he doesn’t believe children fleeing persecution should be allowed out of detention camps.

This man believes local companies should have to fight global corporations in their own market, that Australians should pay for education, and that the rich deserve to pay less tax than the poor.

He believes, by proxy, that the poor don’t drive.

He believes he is right. He believes that it is God’s will that his crowd, essentially the conservative Catholic backbone of the mainstream part of this country, are destined to rule, destined to remain in power, and that people of any other race, religion, creed or orientation are destined to fall into line.

He believes it is his job to deliver not just an Australia, but a world in which these beliefs flourish.

And frighteningly, he is making progress. That’s the Australia we live in today.

Bloody frightening stuff.

But the question is – how do we fix what’s gone wrong? And what exactly IS wrong??


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