Abbott makes the husband of the Queen a knight because…


Today, Australia Day 2015, our Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that Prince Philip, the husband of a monarch we get to see once every ten years, should be awarded an Order of Australia because of the tireless things he’s done for us over the past 93 years he’s been alive.

Nine out of ten people surveyed took longer than the allotted time to actually think of anything Prince Philip has done for our country, and since we were going to use the survey participants as sources for this story, we are now forced to end this article short, as there is no information regarding the many tireless things Prince Philip has done for us since 1922, when he was born.

We could of course make a list of things Prince Philip could, or was likely, to have done for our country, but this is not a blog about sitting on one’s arse while either one of a polo match, a grand gala performance, a banquet or a ribbon-cutting ceremony take place in front of you, so we won’t be doing that.

Instead, we will rely on the above cartoon to hold up this post.



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