The real message coming from Canberra…

Once again, Tony Abbott has come out swinging on the Today Show. Swinging his giant sack of one-liners, that is.

I don’t know what amazes me more; that Tony Abbott thinks waffling off a list of his favourite back-room think-tank rhetoric is going to cut it, or that, if polls are to be believed, that it actually does. People actually believe this stuff, and they come back for more. Even if it is at a thankfully reduced rate…

You only have to listen to the guy speak to realise he’s doing little more than reading slogans from a post-it note permanently stuck on the inside of his forehead. No more carbon, no more mining tax, blah blah blah…you could ask the guy about sardines and he’d tell you about the budget, and of course Labor’s part in its destruction, in case you weren’t aware.

Sure, it’s nice to see Karl Stefanovic having a go. And maybe he actually enjoys sticking it in. But you only need to watch last week’s episode, loosely speaking, to see a much more compliant KS on show; his last interview with Julie Bishop was more like an episode of ‘This Is Your Life’, it was so bubbly. It’s only the past few days he’s been let off the leash – something not un-noticed by the press, and even then it’s not like a silly question or two is going to stop the cave-troll of ploughing on through, Tony Abbott.

Instead, once again, we’re submitted to the same execution of the LNP’s highly sharpened policy one-liners, each one finely, carefully and clumsily crafted, like a Jenga Tower, barely able to support their own weight. And once again, Tony ploughs on through, as if one, two or three repetitions will help his lines stick. Kind of like gently gliding a watermelon through a key-hole with the aid of a mallet.

I have to admit, I haven’t watched the whole thing. Unless the script runs out before the end of the video, unless Karl actually broke from contract, stopped reading the auto-cue, and came up with his own questions, it’s really just noise – it’s all part of the day’s content. And that’s content designed not to offend.

It’s nice to see Karl have a little jab, but it’s all fun and games. What we need is serious conversation – not a repeat of yesterday’s garbage. And for the record – here’s a prediction: I give the guy six months.


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