9 thoughts on “Dodgy Liberal Likes – Scribla does the numbers (update)

  1. Abbott appeared in a cuddly photo with Narendra Modi who won ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-ONE MILLION primary votes in the Lok Sabha elections in June. Modi has TWENTY-FIVE MILLION facebook followers, more than the entire population of Australia. So the stench of Hindutva populism rubs off, and a tiny fraction, just a hundred thousand or so, clicked through and discovered budgie smugglers. Whoopdy-doo.

    • Well, paying Facebook outright is one thing. The numbers above are consistent with paying an outside company to ‘buy’ likes – farming out the task to people in a room somewhere who manually increase your likes, or use software to do the same thing.

      It’s the equivalent of paying a crowd to stand in front of your new restaurant. Or, show up at your party!

  2. You guys are imbeciles. And since your an online medium you would very well know that buying likes reduces your engagement exponentially,

    This is one of those stunts pulled by anti-Libs, and then the same people are probably trying to write an article about it. 🙂

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