How to deflower one’s relevance…



These are the words of Sydney-based ‘personality’ (and I was wondering where those inverted commas should go…) Bei Escobar, who recently completed a tour of…Tokyo.

Bei is all about being body-proud; which means you should promote anything pink and soft, and avoid communicating with journalists! I tried to send her a message on Facebook, but she deleted me from her friend’s list, and banned me from sending her messages. (We’d been friends for about 18 months after meeting in person and ‘hooking up’*).

*becoming facebook friends

**I’d like to clarify here that my issue with BGBE (Bad Girl Bei Escobar) is that she portrays herself as some symbol of emancipation from the norms of feminine body image, and thus, you’d hope, some sort of intellectual; someone with a brain-pulse, as I had assumed. But it seems she’s unable to answer a post; unable to explain why it’s okay to present yourself as the mast-head of non-image, while obsessing over the minutia of exactly that. Things like nail polish, and nothing more.

Sure, show us photos of your nail polish. But maybe balance it with some links to your favourite band. Or maybe something you’ve written!?

Not just photos of your hair, and then your makeup, and then your nails…and then tell people you’re not about image. Cos that’s….rubbish.


Now I got nothing against photography or posing as art. But when you’re a twenty something who argues the case for body-pride, but declines to answer a single question about your stance – aren’t you sorta…defeating your own point? I mean, why can’t you answer a question?

I assume her art is about choosing the right nail polish colour, as I can’t find anything else of hers online besides plasticy stuff glued to her body parts. So I gave her a message, asking for comment, but…she barred me from communicating with her.

Apparently, being proud of your body is a good thing. But explaining it is way too hard 😦 😦 😦

It makes me wonder…what does she look like under all that ‘being comfortable with one’s-self’?

Possibly this –

couch-potato-460_978331cThat’s a normal person with a cheeseburger, by the way.

But it makes me wonder with my brain – does she really know what she’s talking about? Or has she just heard the words ‘body proud’, and decided to jump on the wagon?

All I can say is – I sent Bei a very reasonable request for comment, and she very reasonably, and effectively, barred me from contacting her any way in the future.

I was hoping she could take the time to explain with her brain what’s going on in that world of hers – but, alas, a single request for comment was way too much for her, or her FB intern, to handle. And now we’ll never know, unless she sues me for defamation, because I’m suggesting she’s vacuous.

All I would say to BE or Bei or ‘Bad Girl’ – if you’re gonna call yourself an activist, or an artist, then maybe do something more than proclaim your emancipation from body image, while doing double to promote the opposite?

I, for one, get out there and actually do stuff; set an example and all that. You consume pharmaceuticals.



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