Scribla reviews bad television; comments on why it’s bad for your health.


“Straight, white, middle class, inoffensive, unoriginal, middle of the road crap designed to pacify the McDonalds generation. About as funny as a carrot, and equally original. 

The jokes are recycled, mostly from Peter Helliar’s own reel, hovering mostly around the superficial level of year 9 maths class in Mosman. The characters are one cliche after the next – not real, not funny, and with nowhere near the complexity of those found in Helliar’s quoted inspiration, The Office. More like something The Wiggles would write into their work – and then reject.

Worse, it’s got Rove, whose ‘people’ probably account for most of the show’s call-in fans . A so-called comedian who needed to shoosh his own clapper during live recordings for making it obvious the man was required. I thought we outlived his decade long attempt at comedy when the US finally let him in? Apparently not.

And then there’s the fart jokes, a token race card, bad acting, worse direction, and characters so innovative they could have have emerged from an archie comic.

But what ACTUALLY makes it funny – yep, you’re paying for it!

Rove’s presence in IAD2 shows what’s going on – his partner in crimes-against-culture, Helliar, was promised a reward for services received once Rove conquered the US, and this is it. He has returned to appear alongside every other comedian with a current mortgage in the known universe, in a technique proven to distract viewers from what seems to be the show’s two week pre-production phase, including re-writes, which seem to have occurred on a bus.


This man is not funny, and never was. Over confidence should not be admired.

Sadly, the only interesting part of this show is that it clearly demonstrates a willingness to fill the ABC’s stated aim of catering for all Australians – as long as they’re white, concerned with white stuff, un-concerned about non-white stuff, and not poor, disabled, challenged in any way, or concerned for the nation.

And even worse to consider is that while IAD2 sucks up scarce and dwindling funding, and helps preserve the bank balance of a few more stars for a few more weeks, is that a whole swathe of the Australian population, mainly people with taste or who aren’t boring, middle-class white dildo’s, are ignored. A few enthusiastic ‘comedians’ with too much determination and self confidence to know when to call it a day have essentially hijacked the national broadcaster with a promise not to make us think.

Of course, there’s nothing in any rule book stating that comedy needs to make us think, needs to be original, interesting, actually funny, challenging, well written, quirky, odd, whatever. It’s clear Australians have the same taste in comedy as they do in fast food, and riots.

Poster for the ABC's hard hitting new crime drama, 'Billy and the New Guy', starring Rove McMannus and Peter Helliar

But when the real world out there, (and not overseas, but in the next suburb), is witnessing a pretty large increase in a lot of bad shit like racism, corporate and political greed, an erosion of people’s rights and protections, huge profits from things that are basically forcing it up the butt of every regular working person in the western hemisphere – is it really that awesome that the tax payer is covering the cost of a show that could have been written by a committee? Is it really suitable that our leading comedy experience is something that makes you think less than a packet of Cheetos? (And I do think about Cheetos…)

It just seems a real fucking shame that while other populations value quality (the British treasure their gift for words and latent wit, the Americans their absurdity, the Scandinavians their oddness, and so on), that It’s a Date series 2 is all we have to offer –  a bunch of available actors willing to take a couple of days out of their time to perform unfunny skits which are as challenging, mentally, as a piece of toast, while in reality, the world burns.

If this was actually channel Seven – no worries. Their job is to chase ratings, to do so in a manner which they see fit, and which isn’t illegal. That’s their perogative. But when the national broadcaster decides to play it safe, while the rest of the world is literally being fucked by a war we’re perpetuating – when the same old group of unfunny old men are forced upon us by the same, tired old men who run the ABC…


This man loves Rove’s witticisms, and values greatly the ABC’s willingness to support our troops by pretending there’s no war going on.

…well, I think it’s fucked. And why is it bad for your health? Because you could have it so much better, but you don’t, and now this is what you’ve got.


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