Whitewash – an update…

Just thought I’d help the ABC avert some legal problems when its new show Whitewash Utopia goes to air. The title is unfortunate as it detracts from any attention the film ‘Utopia’, by John Pilger, might recieve at the moment, as it is released around the country, and the world. Oh well.

I honestly wonder how this subject was approached, and by whom, during the ABC’s commissioning process. Did anyone consider how the title of this show would act in the detriment of ‘Utopia’, the film? Surely that sort of thing is discussed during board meetings discussing the title of an upcoming flagship program. And if not, why not? Does Mark Scott not know of John Pilger’s film’s existence?

No wonder Aboriginal literacy rates are embarrassingly low, when the ABC’s budget is twice per capita what it should be, and content like this clearly shows whether it cares.

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