Coalition of the…gullible?


I’ll refrain from using phrases like ‘we all know’, ‘it’s common knowledge’, and so on, but it seems obvious to me that the world is a lot more complex than those in control would like us to believe, a lot more dangerous, and sadly, a lot more profitable.

Whether the past decade of war was sparked by an attack led solely by a man hiding in a cave, or was part of a larger understanding between a centuries-old conglomerate multi-national managed by an elite few with the ability, and reason, to lead us all to war…is a question which will probably never be answered.

But wouldn’t it be prudent to consider it a possibility? I mean, it’s not that far out of the question, is it? And there’s ample evidence to suggest this is the case.

Looking at the past week’s events through that prism, it’s not hard to see how things are falling into place, and why. Australia, economic partner of the US, heads gung-ho into a coalition of parties whose citizens were victims of the crash. Julie Bishop is on a plane to the Ukraine New York faster than investigators make it to the crash site – drafting a UN resolution in transit, and one which is inexplicably written in US-English.

Early reports of the weapons to blame for the attack having been stolen by the Russian-separatists from the Ukranian military are buried by fresh assertions from the US that the separatists used weapons trucked in by the Russians – fuzzy video of the missile platform in question are published widely by every major news portal as proof, backed up by further evidence – an image of a puff of white smoke, purportedly a vapour trail left by the offending missile. (Presumably, the photographer did not feel the need to photograph, or publish, the resulting carnage?)

Like during the aftermath of 9/11, news portals worldwide go into overdrive. Catch phrases like ‘Coalition of the willing’, now updated to ‘Grieving’, are used to cement the now-formed posse which will surely be leading the world into action. Actual debate which would air the reasons for the conflict in question, a civil-war located in the UKraine, is absent. Photographs of the victims are front and centre.

All the while, politicians act faster in response than to any other crisis in recent history. Remember, Julie Bishop, for example, was on a plane less than 24 hours after the crash itself. It took Angus Houston a further three days to even arrive at the site of the event, by which time a UN Resolution condemning the action was already voted on, and approved.

Meanwhile, leading papers back here in Australia publish articles which quote only one source – that being Julie Bishop. Under the catch phrase ‘Independent. Always’, the Sydney Morning Herald becomes no more than a mouth piece for the Government, whose Prime Minister was, only months ago, seen leaving the private residence of arguable the world’s most powerful media baron, Rupert Murdoch. I wonder what they spoke about.

Meanwhile, Australia’s leading asshole, Andrew Bolt, calls for action, and his sail-barge, the Daily Telegraph, calls for troops to be deployed. Again – less than a week after the event which sparked the free for all, and no doubt months before any actual independent proof, if we ever see it, is released. (Keep in mind, no proof has been released of the supposed missile strike, let alone proof it was action backed by Russia.)

Suddenly, the US joins Britain in calls for harsher sanctions to be placed on Russia, Abbott announces that Australia will be sending a contingent of no less than 180 federal police and soldiers to the crash site (a war zone), and words like ‘murder’ are tossed around as if the jury has spoken.

The scary part is, even readers of the Telegraph can see something’s up. Read the comments. That governments worldwide have managed to assemble a posse, literally within days of an event which has been covered in more depth on Playschool than leading news channels, is actually raising some eyebrows.

And that’s just the point of view from Australia. What must it be like from Russia, where the media is demonstrably much more likely to spin a story. Or in China, where access to news sources is controlled by the government?

And we in Australia go on thinking it’s not rigged – that there aren’t secret deals going on – that’s it’s not part of a bigger game.

So, either it’s all as the nation’s media would have us believe – that some drunken pro-Russian thugs took a pot-shot at a passing jet, thinking it was a cargo-flight of their enemy (heading into their territory? The flight was minutes from the Russian border.), or the same wheels as those which led us into a decade long conflict in Iraq and then Afghanistan are once again in motion.

I’d love to think the former were the truth, that this will all be over in a week – that it’s just a tragedy, a terrible error in judgement. But history would suggest it’s not.

All I can see is this – once again, civilians have died, a posse has formed, and right at the centre of it is that stuff the West can’t get enough of – oil.

And that points to one thing – it ain’t about the victims.

I, for one, am glad I’m not in the army.

*source article showing Dick Cheney’s stock in Haliburton rising after announcement of US-led invasion of Iraq, 2003

Correction – I mistakenly claimed earlier that no British were harmed in the crash. In fact, there were 10.

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