This might as well be true…


actual photograph taken moments before launch of rockets which definitely destroyed MH17

Despite claims to the contrary made by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, nobody actually knows for certain at this point what brought down flight MH17. Or if they do, they’re not telling.

Photographs provided to the media claim to prove that both participants in the conflict (the reportedly Russian-backed rebels, and the yet-to-be-reported US-installed UKrainian puppet government) had ground to air missile systems in the area at the time. Both could be true representations of equipment in the area at the time – both could be faked. But both sets of photographs have been published without question in Australia’s leading newspapers, with claims they have been provided by either Ukranian or Russian intelligence.

So, case closed! Both sides downed the airliner, and both are ‘guilty of murder!’, as leaders like Abbott suggest. And already the gears of war come to life – within days of the event, Julie Bishop is on her way to the UN to push for action. The Australian public is convinced that Russia is to blame, that the Ukraine is innocent, and that something must be done.

Interesting that Peter Reith, the Howard Minister behind the lies surrounding the Tampa incident, in which a boat carrying asylum seekers off the Australian coast in 2001, has decided to go with the number of Australians on the flight being 36, despite only 28 of these being citizens. I wonder if he’d go with the higher number in his earlier cases…but I digress.

What I’m trying to say here is that the public clearly do not have a clue who shot down flight MH17. Surely somebody does – probably both the US and Russia, if not all of NATO. Yet SMH, the ABC and the Tele seem to have no qualms whatsoever spouting the reactionary, biased and literally racist assumption that the ‘evil’ Russian republic is to blame.

Which raises questions of contempt. Whether actual or not, is it not highly likely that what comes across as clear identification of a culprit by leading media channels, in an event which will no doubt see an international investigation of some kind, could quite likely, probably, almost certainly, prejudice the outcome of that inquiry?

Is it not apparent that, this being a crime, we can’t leap to conclusions?

I mean – all we know for certain is that 36 (or 28?) Australians are dead. Nothing more.

We have barely a few photos of a crash site already shown to be affected by looters. An active and dynamic war zone, in which opposing sides both have access to weapons capable of downing a flight at 33,000 feet (another figure we’re expected to take as fact). Photographs of men in military gear, brandishing the same weapons as do most of the world’s ‘bad guys’, the AK-47. And we have a handful of fuzzy video clips reportedly showing missile systems being moved from the Ukraine to Russia, as well as one fuzzy photograph I have seen of a cloud of smoke, supposedly the trail left by the very missile which took down the flight. (Why the photographer chose not to photograph the resulting carnage is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they ran out of space on their camera?)

ALl this amounts to…very little. Anonymous photos, a crashed jet, almost 300 dead, and every leading paper making claims that we must go to war.

Just saying, that doesn’t look like a Russian separatist attack to me. It looks like Bullshit.

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