How do we fight?


How do we fight? How do we combat the wrongs being inflicted, against our will, on our country and its people; on its most vulnerable and most in need? And how do we do it effectively; with little wasted time, and most impact? How do we put our feet on the brakes?

We live in a so-called democracy ruled by law, in an age of so-called equality. But inequality is coming back with a vengeance – the poor are poorer, the rich are richer, and worst of all – things are getting worse. Those with their hands on the levers are choosing to lessen, rather than increase, the power of mechanisms written into law which provide the every-day man with hard-fought rights that provide comfort in times of need; minimum wage is decreasing, and set to decrease further. ‘Your rights at work’ are nothing compared to what they used to be, and it just gets better and better for those in power – the corporation.

Media laws are increasingly slackened; with the most powerful man in the country, James Packer, caught in a punch-up on the street, our state premier forced to resign in the face of unethical behaviour, and the growing strength of right-leaning tabloids affecting the public’s views on everything from issues of race to workplace relations – how do we pull our hat from the ring and really make a difference?

I wonder what the intentions of the government really are. Why would those in power make such illogical decisions – allowing the world’s greatest ever military power to set up shop on our shores, buying second rate (and largely useless) military tech from the same power, while signing away whole market’s to that power’s criminally acquired dominance? Why are we playing their game? Is there a reason?

A change worth noting; arguably Australia’s leading news portal, the Sydney Morning Herald, is nothing like it used to be. After losing its battle with its openly right-leaning competitor, the Telegraph, we’re left with one less voice of reason, and one more of the typical fear-driven crap that will pander to an audience increasingly persuaded by the spin which those in power would have us believe; not a small loss. A sign that the Australian reader is increasingly comfortable with spin rather than well balanced appraisal. And we all suffer for it, whether we know it or not.

But how do we fight?

It boggles the mind to think that more and more are suffering; minimum wage is lowered, workplace rights are scratched one by one, access to services is wound back, education becomes a market, our markets our opened to the unethical practices of our militant (and brutal) neighbour, and voices of descent are ridiculed with growing fervour – but for what? What are we being aligned for?

There are two questions I think about – What are their plans? Why are we being aligned with the US? If not for mere profits, which is a possibility, then what? Why are those in power aligning us with the US? What do they know that we don’t, or at least have in store? And, more importantly, how do we throw spanners into the works?

They’re questions I wonder about every day…because there’s no sense in what’s being done. The spin is one thing – I’m sure there are those who would argue their case til the end of the day, be they workers or students or people raising a family. But never before has Australia seen a government which has gone for the throat with such energy; to demolish hard-fought rights which defend those in need.

The question in this case is – Why? Why are those in power, at the behest of their supporters, attacking the rights, the power, of the individual? And what do they have in store?

And, more pressing – how do we fight it?

I’m not a til-the-end-of-time leftie. But I do believe in sustainability. And it occurs to me that a country, a population, which does not look after its whole body is one which will not survive. So why are we standing by as laws which protect our most vulnerable are signed away to history? Why are we not doing anything? Why are we lambs to the slaughter?

And the bigger question…how do we respond? How do we say ‘no’? How do we fight what are literally crimes against our population? How do we put our foot on the brakes? How do we help those in need?

We’re all human. And sooner or later members of our family, our friends, our children, will be in need. But increasingly, at a rapid rate, our world is turning into a place which doesn’t care for the individual. It cares for the company. Despite decades of battles broadcast to millions, millions of people with access to higher education, and access to evidence of what happens when power is used without responsibility, we fail to act.

But how do we act? And how do we act with reason, with ethics, and with effect?

Answer me this, and the world will be a better place.

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