When I was about 15 I saw a film which many say has changed their lives. As a young man lucky enough to have access to films like this, I acquired a copy, thanks to my employment at a video store, and took it home to watch. And what I saw amazed me.

What amazed me was the performance, and the sheer brilliance of it all. Bloody banging sound track, total musical extravaganza from beginning to end. Or as we say in the business, head to tail.

But what has made me smile tonight is the fact that as a young fella lucky enough to be exposed to all walks of life, largely thanks to my parents, it only occurred to me right now how confronting this film must have been…for it features a man in drag. I literally had no idea that such an idea could be so controversial…that a man wearing women’s clothes could be part of the reason why a film could be considered so lude. Realistically, who today would have the balls to release such a thing? No doubt, it would probably concern something different, like being poor, but that’s another story.

This goes out to my lovely open minded brothers and sisters – just realising how special you are. Ha.

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