It started with a clap!


Mid Sydney, mid-week, and mid afternoon, more or less…a clap of thunder, and BANG!!, the storm arrived without warning, and a sunny afternoon became dark in minutes!

Moments later, outside Sydney’s UTS on Broadway, a thousand students between class, many of them unfamiliar with this part of town, and even this city, were welcomed with torrents of water – some coming from above, some from the side, and even some from below!

One man stood in a poncho, snapping away at UTS’s newest water feature, a real blow hole. While another ran past charging for shelter as if his life depended on it.

IMG_2754_pub IMG_2749_pub
Some of them, used to the unexpected drenching Sydney once promised at this time of year, were unfased by the unexpected turn of events. While others still seemed perplexed, as if their new home had played a trick on them.

IMG_2738_pub IMG_2744_pub
But generally, us UTS students being a pretty savvy bunch, and seeing as it all passed as soon as it began, well – it’s water off a duck’s back!

IMG_2752_pub IMG_2747_pubIMG_2751_pub

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