A sad story…

the bat

A couple of years ago, while exploring a deserted house we were using as the set for a film, I found an expensive cricket bat hidden deep in a wall cavity.

It’s been in storage since then, never used because of a broken grip, which is what I was looking at a few moments ago when I found something interesting about the break itself…

The break has been caused by the bat being smacked against a hard edge, maybe a brick wall, on the rear, not the front. You can tell because the break bends the wrong way – not from an impact on the face of the bat, but the rear.

It makes me wonder what the bat’s story is…was it broken intentionally and hidden in the wall? Swung accidentally into something by one of the children who lived in the house, and confiscated? Stolen from another teenager? Or something else?

What makes the story all the sadder is that, when we used the house, there was a suicide note written on the wall of one bedroom. Knowing that years earlier a beautiful, healthy child had lived a whole life there, only to be nothing more than a ghost when we came along…

A very sad feeling indeed, all wrapped up in a broken piece wood.

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