@BreakfastNews Fail

I literally learnt more this morning from a six month old episode of Catalyst than I did from the entire duration of the ABC Breakfast News.

For example, BN covered Tony Abbott’s speech to the G20 for about a minute, but spent whole segments playing with stuffed Bananas in Pyjamas toys, over and over again.

The G20 segment wasn’t that important, though – just our prime minister addressing the world’s most influential and some would say corrupt business initiatives on the planet, as it is mentioned that Australia, thus the Liberals, will likely chair the forum at the next handover.

Meaning Abbott and his crony’s activities will not only affect our nation, but nations around the world, developing and otherwise. Considering the unimaginable amounts of suffering such global conglomerates can and do cause around the world, with wealth creation as their sole priority,  and human rights a distant non-contender, I would have thought some more intense coverage was deserved.

To think that Abbott and the party he leads will likely be able to apply their practices at will around the world is frightening, and something which I think is a bit more important than showing the viewers how relaxed you are as compares by playing with toys.

Grow up, ABC. As Rainier Wolfcastle once said, laughing time is over!

nb – it is understood that to Chair the body is not free reign of its activities, but Abbott’s activities dating back almost ten years show his preference for open borders when it comes to international business, a position no different from that of the organisation’s other member nations. It is because of this comradery that the position of chair becomes one not just of administration, but, one could argue, leadership and representation.

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