It’s all about the savings…


Here’s one for all you kids who care about human rights –

NSW Health procures a large amount of its everyday food supplements from Nestle, despite the company’s poor track record with human rights, specifically the well-known practice of promoting its milk formula drink in parts of Africa as a viable replacement for breast milk, leading to malnourishment in infants across the continent.

More recently, the company’s CEO has been recorded talking about access to water, and why it needn’t be considered a human right, rather an avenue for profit.

Why should NSW be supporting this private conglomorate, which not only commits these crimes, but goes to great lengths to conceal them?

Mrs Skinner, Minister for Health – I’m sure you have private health insurance, and most likely would spend your time in a quiet private hospital where the food is prepared with fine local ingredients.

But why should the rest of us be forced into supporting a company which merely passes on the costs of health to another part of the world?

Doesn’t make sense, if you ask me…

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