Giant Robots!

Wow. This will be the first time I’ve revealed my love for all things robotic, but it won’t be the last.

Am I a nerd, or a geek? I’m not sure, but if it’s got servos and it’s motorised, if it flies around, or walks, chances are I love it. From robots designed to swim through oceans on the moons of Jupiter (that would be Depth X), to wearable suits that can lift 200 pounds, to the Boston Dynamics Big Dog, and now Petman projects, robots are finally getting to the point where they’re starting to look like we have always hoped. Big, walking metal creatures than don’t look like they’re about to trip down the stairs.

The tech involved is expensive, and there’s as much software required in these things to flies ten Apollo missions to the moon and back. Or fifty Prius to the shops…

But every year they’re getting more accessible to the public, and closer to reality. Home developers are already creating droids that can ride bikes and recognise humans, while the big companies like Honda develop high-end designs that are mobile, useful and pretty as a peach.

So it’s not long now. Sooner or later, we’ll be living in the Jetsons. Or the Terminator films?

Probably depends where you live. Personally, I’m saving for one that can go to the shops.


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