Akropolis is published on Amazon!

Very proud of my mother, who just published a novel!

It’s free to read for the next couple of days, and I’m about to dive in – she hasn’t let me read it until now! – so do the same and read her work. From what she’s written about the story, it sounds amazing; a puzzle of a story about time travel, identity and adventure.

Cathy and us boys have always loved certain movies, starting when she took us to see Back to the Future at the cinema, and then through the sequels (best childhood moments EVER), then the Terminator films, especially Terminator 2, and on with anything else that really challenged you to think.

So I’m sure Akropolis will have the same feel. Something bigger than just a story, I think…a whole other world, and something unforgettable.

Here goes, then…we’ll talk about it later!

3 thoughts on “Akropolis is published on Amazon!

  1. Yikes! Thanks for the vote of confidence, James! I hope the book lives up to your high expectations 🙂 Those trips to the movies were great! Remember how I had a crush on Arnie? Well, I’m over it.

  2. So the portraits of him hanging in the living room, and the kitchen, as well as the hallway, can go to the shed with the others, can they? I’m not sure they’ll fit.

    I respect him too, though. Such an intellect…

    He’s visiting Sydney this month, as I’m sure you’re aware and said this –

    “Australia is one of my favourite countries in the world and…Sydney will always be special for me as it’s the city where I won the title of Mr Olympia for the final time!”

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