If I need to explain why this is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day, you’re just not getting it.


But in case you’re still keen to hear what I think, here’s a few reasons why –

  • It’s an unashamedly glam-rock slash fantasy themed tow-truck – meaning it brings together both kinds of metal, spanning three decades, at least two industries, multiple gender interpretations, and various levels of ‘awesome’, all through the lens, and in the context of, a greater understanding of the universe, which in turn tips its hat a myriad of earlier works which seek to do the same.
  • On ¬†technical level alone, it’s a perfect recreation of a childhood classic. The airbrush technique, colour interpretation, composition and overall execution, not to mention the choice of mythic symbolism, is floorless.
  • The obvious care with which the ‘framing’ of the artwork, the truck itself, has meticulously been cleaned, is a subtle indicator of the overall care and passion with which the piece has been created.
  • Lastly, the positioning of the work, adjacent to a Fire Station – which in itself brings about proud thoughts of our utilitarian history – further sets into stone the humanitarian and positive nature of the work, while establishing a connection to the ‘now’, and highlighting the ‘forever’ of the artwork itself.

See? It’s amazing.

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